A cry is heard in Syria

On her bosom, a dying child gasps for breath

From a bullet splintered throat life drips out

Flowing through her, drenching the earth

Will you Tweet it?

There is weeping in Syria

Her echo reaches out to the corners of the globe

The world’s silence shutters her hope

Her slaughtered are now infinite numbers

Maimed and gassed in thousands and more

Her tears fall on deafened ears and shortened hands

Who will Blog it?

There is a lament in Syria

A moan is heard underneath her city’s rubbles

Her belly, a bloated mass grave churns with pain

Her voice twisted in mumbles

As life hangs on threads of a miracle

Will you Facebook it?

There is a groan in Syria

She lifts her eyes to the mountaintops

Drawing strength, hope turning on and off

Syria bleeds,

While we Tweet

Who will STOP it?

For today, still Syria weeps.

What will it take to wipe her tears, A knock at our door?

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse, and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.” – Desmond Tutu

by Pearl Mashabane                                 

pix  courtesy nytimes.com