Swallowed by the Mediterranean : The migrants crisis


by Pearl Mashabane

Lampedusa 3 Oct 2013 Lampedusa 3 Oct 2013

We sat crammed in an overcrowded boat travelling on the mercy of winds and greedy sailors.  Our hearts rose and fell with the rising and calming of the ocean tides.

We held our breaths and rested our minds on the promise of a new life awaiting us on the other side of the shore. We clang tightly to our meagre belongings and said little to each other with words, but with our eyes we shared collective fears and hopes about the unknowns of new beginnings.

We were on our way to Lampedusa; an island near Italy, which we were told is a stepping-stone into freedom and liberty. We parted with the last bits of our savings to pay for a journey across the perilous sea aboard a fishing boat that made no promises that we will reach our destination.

We boarded the vessel resting on grand…

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