Reasons for Writing

This week I write from a womb of a city that never sleeps. Central Park is one of the few spots where I find solace and reprieve from the infinite hustle and bustle that is characteristic of New York.

It is undoubtedly the best time to visit this part of the world. Autumn is on display with giant leaves crashing down like stars in their browns, reds, orange and yellow hues. The sun is forgiving and the air is crisp with a smell of freedom and mystery.

It is here at Central Park’s great lawn that I am transported back to a few years back when I first called this city my second home. I was walking past the Sheep’s Meadow when the wind blew the leaves above my head like flying saucers.

As they circled around me, I saw a reflection of the unspoken: excitement, conflict, uncertainty, hopes and fears dancing in unison. I was developing what many sojourners call a love-hate relationship with the Big Apple. However, I had no voice to articulate this drama of the soul.

On that day though, I found my core suddenly filling up a storm of phrases, and metaphors that demanded an immediate outlet. A pen and store receipts came in handy from my pockets. I scribbled down words like one listening to dictation notes. And it was here that it was instilled in me that writing is like listening on paper and we are mere channels.

Months later I retrieved my carefully saved notes and tried to make sense of what was there that was giving me sleepless nights. It was no mystery, only a revelation of the purposes of writing.

We write for fun, revolutionary and noble reasons:

We write because it is sets the soul free and helps us make meaning of the world around us.

Our writing gives voice to the voiceless. We help shape and change perceptions through our ink-advocacy.

We write to share knowledge and experiences, perhaps to leave a legacy for the next generation.

We write for existential reasons, about our hopes, fears, sorrows and the condition of being human.

We write to feel alive and make a living.

We write because it is fulfilling, it enriches our souls and expands our imaginations.

We write because we LOVE…

Pearl Pebetse


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