A letter to racism in South Africa

racism in SA pic

To whom it may concern

Your recent spewing of hateful speech against black people in South Africa this month refers.

I am appalled that after all the years of exploitation, plunder and oppression under colonialism an apartheid, you have still not had enough. You are greedy, malicious and your hatred is so deeply ingrained that you can’t even hide it anymore. You have moved out of whispering your hatred in private spaces to a place of spreading your poison into the public space, into our face.

You call us monkeys, animals, scum of the nation and entitled victims. When we vocalise our anger and disappointment, you trivialize our experience and try to appease us with cheap sentiments that you that you are merely exercising free speech, that you have black friends and you did not mean anything by it.

You pretend to be gobsmacked at how sensitive we are, meanwhile you know exactly what you are doing; tearing our country apart. You know you have hit where it hurts and in your twisted mind you rationalize that you are putting us in ‘our’ place, out of your privileged spaces.

Well, this time South Africans have had enough of you

You see, we live with your overt and subliminal manifestations everyday and swallow your hatred.

We forgive you every time you cast suspicious and hostile looks at us when we enter your businesses. We know you think of most of us as criminals

We forgive you when we still have to ask a white colleague to call white property owners on our behalf or book restaurants in their names, because we know you lie about the availability of space for black faces.

We forgive you when you move out of residential areas and schools when black people move in. We swallow particularly hard when you downplay your lessons in hatred by separating black and white children into separate classes due to “English and Afrikaans language differences”.

When you meet us and address us as “you people” in a baas-like tone of authority, we keep quiet, pretend we didn’t hear you. The following day we smile and greet you because once again we have forgiven.

We forgive you when you pepper every social commentary with reference to black incompetence, corruption and laziness.

We forgive you when you will not try to learn the basics of any of our African languages and mispronounce our names while we make every effort to speak yours.

We forgive knowing this is not ok or normal. We give you the benefit of the doubt that steadily you will change you ways and join the rest of us in being human. But clearly we are mistaken, you have chosen to remain the insecure and scared monster that you are in spite of all the privileges that continue to cushion your life.

As for forgiving, the 70×7 principle extends to you too because we know people are victims of your deception.

2016 is year we clean the rot of racism under our national carpet.

God bless Africa!


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