My Homeland: South Africa


Drought  has cast its spell on the land

The sun  beats down on the rolling hills

Shriveled carcasses lie desolate under the unforgiving sun

Casualties of El Nino

We gather at Union buildings to summon the skies for rain

Canopies of Jacaranda blooms  colour the Capital purple

Thousands flock in and out of the City of Gold-Johannesburg

Braais turn on crimson ambers under summer’s glistening sky

The pink sunsets and orange mornings

Each day birthing new miracles

The student protests #Feesmustfall

Young people  are finding their voice

A rainbow nation whose colours refuse to stand together #Rhodesmustfall

A 21 year old freedom coming under scrutiny

The rand that tumbles and falls #Junkstatus

An economy on edge

I am a part of it all

This, my homeland whose cradle is a turbulent comfort

A home to legends, freedom fighters and Ubuntu

A place where laughter, music and dance masks our uncertainties

A land rich with hope amidst all of today’s odds and tides

Africa’s butterfly, breathtaking in its beauty

This is my home, my South Africa

Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika!

Pearl Pebetse


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